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قناة اريتريا/ارتيريا مباشر

قناة اريتريا/ارتيريا مباشر
Eri-TV is short for Eritrean television and nominally refers to Eri-TV1, the first television channel broadcast in Eritrea. Broadcasts began in January 1993 with the help of a team of Canadians.[1] Eri-TV1 is broadcast internationally via satellite along with its sister radio station, Dimtsi Hafash. Broadcasts on Eri-TV1 are typically either news, music videos, or dramas. Both domestic and international films also play on the channel. Eri-TV1 is broadcast mostly in Tigrinya, Arabic اريتريا/ارتيريا, English and Tigre, as well as having a few programs in Amharic, Somali and Afaan Oromoo. Eri-TV2 is the second television channel in Eritrea. It is broadcast only domestically. Eri-TV2 provides mostly educational content. This includes English, Math, and Science lessons.

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